The way to be healthy

In life, if we can understand some common sense of health and implement them, it can extend life expectancy to a large extent, but people are often busy with work and neglect health care, and they suffer from it. Disease, regret, the following is a little knowledge of health and healthy life.

1.Two fruits per day

2.Three spoonfuls of clear oil per day, no more than 25 grams

3.Five kinds of high-quality high-protein, meat, egg, milk, fish and beans every day, but there are regulations.

1. Have breakfast

There is a saying that eat well in the morning, eat at noon, eat less at night. The people are now the opposite. In the morning, they are sloppy, they deal with it at noon, and they eat and drink at night. This is the root of all diseases. This meal in the morning is equal to eating tonic. It is the most important meal. You must have a nutritious breakfast. A nutritious breakfast must have four things: cereals, soy milk, eggs or meat. The staple food must have vegetables and fruit. If there are only two or less breakfasts, it is a low quality breakfast. Now 20% of people don’t eat breakfast, 50%-60% don’t eat breakfast. if breakfast is not good, and it can’t be regained at noon or evening.

2, stop smoking and alcohol

Smoking can significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, cancer and other diseases. The prognosis of long-term large-volume cardiovascular patients is worse than that of non-smokers. For smokers, smoking can regulate mood and calm mood, but a lot of facts prove that the total harm of smoking on the human body is far greater than the psychological comfort of smokers. Therefore, quitting smoking is a necessary thing which is not only a correction of living habits, but also a self-adjustment of psychological behavior.

Take the following measures to help stop smoking:

1.With family or co-workers supervise, write down a letter of determination, develop a smoking cessation plan, carry it with you, remind and tell yourself at any time.

2.Lose tobacco, ashtrays, lighters, avoid “conditional” smoking, and try to avoid smoking in smoking places or dinner parties.

3.Remind yourself at any time to resist the temptation of smoking, refuse to smoke from the psychological and behavioral, and consolidate the results of smoking cessation, otherwise it will be abandoned.

4.When you want to smoke. You canread, watch TV, or take a deep breath, distract,or eat nutty food, sugar-free chewing gum, etc.

5.Tell family and friends about yourdecision to quit, and get their support, encouragement and cooperation.

6.Do more of your favorite sports activities, relieve physical stress and nervousness.

7.If you have a stubborn craving, please use the smoking cessation clinic to quit smoking through drugs or acupuncture.

Drinking less alcohol

Although some clinical studies have confirmed that a small amount of alcohol can reduce the incidence of coronary heart disease,some people may experience dizziness even with a small amount of alcohol. Heart palpitations, increased heart rate, elevated blood pressure, etc. are not good for the cardiovascular system, so do not advocate daily drinking to prevent cardiovascular disease, especially patients with hypertension. Because drinking alcohol makes blood pressure difficult to control, it also has an antagonistic effect on drugs. For those who like to drink alcohol and have good alcohol tolerance, it is recommended to drink a small amount of wine daily, which may be beneficial to the cardiovascular system. The calculation method of alcohol is roughly as follows: the alcohol content of wine is about 13%~15%; the alcohol content of beer is 4%. It is recommended that the male friend’s alcohol content should not exceed 25g, that is, the wine is in the range of 100~150ml, the beer is 250~500ml, and the female friend drinks half of the amount.

3.Try not to be angry

How can people not be angry? People are emotional animals, and they are filled with anger and sorrow. When you are happy, you will laugh. If you are not happy, you will cry. If you are angry, you have to say a few words. This is a manifestation of people’s rich feelings. If a person has only one kind of feeling, he is not healthy. It says”Angers hurt the liver, hurt the kidneys, all diseases are born in the air.” So be sure to control your emotions. Don’t let emotions control you.

You must know these common senses and implement them into your own life. As long as you do, it will be much easier to stay healthy and extend your life.

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