Physical health is the greatest wealth in life. Self-cultivation is the most valuable work in life.” In modern society, the material conditions improves a lot, but the happiness of the people is still low. Not only that, but people with mental illness are increasing. Why is it? I think it is mostly related to people’s lifestyles. So how to form a good lifestyle?

With the development of science and technology and the prosperity of business, we had a rich but chaotic life. We face countless choices every day and endure all kinds of temptations, so most people live in a kind of incitement and chaos and cannot control themselves. Some people are actually too busy to rest. They are busy with work, busy with their families, and busy with entertainment. It is impossible to calm down. Moreover, this lifestyle is mostly based on physical and mental health. The price is so heavy that it is often overwhelmed when we find out.
This way of life not only confuses our mind and body, but also destroys the ecological environment. We talk about environmental protection today, not just planting a few trees or doing a publicity to solve the problem.

Although we are talking about environmental protection,we still live a life with physical and mental exhaustion and environmental degradation. Speaking of this, I am thinking of the Buddhist commandments. Why does practice begin with a precept? It is to help us build a healthy and beneficial lifestyle, so that we can have a peace mind, and then we can improve the wisdom further. Practice is like this, and life is the same. With a healthy lifestyle, you will have a healthy body and mind that will not cause too much damage to the environment.
Vegetarian is a healthy lifestyle. In China, people have misunderstandings and prejudice against vegetarianism. They always think that vegetarianism can lead to malnutrition, or that vegetarianism is a helpless choice. In fact, various studies in modern times have shown that vegetarian diet is far more suitable for human beings than human meat,  regardless of the physiological structure of the human body or the nutrients of fruits and vegetables.

From an environmental point of view, vegetarianism is also the best choice to save the environment. Many studies have shown that the large-scale development of the aquaculture industry is the biggest cause of climate warming. 20% of the global greenhouse gas emissions are from aquaculture, which exceeds the emissions of all vehicles in the world. At the same time, the aquaculture industry also consumes a lot of land and water resources. Check out the relevant data, I believe everyone will be shocked. If we don’t change it, we will suffer a lot after.
Therefore, vegetarianism not only contributes to the health of one’s body and mind, but also contributes to global environmental protection. It is a civilized, healthy and fashionable lifestyle. In fact, this lifestyle is becoming a rational choice for more people right now.

Choose reasonable snacks and drinks

Snacks and drinks should be reasonably selected. Fruits and vegetables, nuts, etc., which can not only supple the intake of nutrients in the daily diet, but also increase the excessive energy intake. Studies have shown that eating a small amount of nuts a week helps to protect heart, but excessive consumption may increase energy intake, which in turn leads to obesity. Maintaining a nut intake of 50 g per week is more reasonable.

High sugar content and carbonated beverages can increase energy intake and harm oral hygiene. Excessive drinking also increases energy intake, providing 29 kJ of energy per gram of alcohol. When the body consumes enough energy through the diet, the energy produced by alcohol metabolism is stored in the form of fat. Therefore, people who drink too much alcohol for a long time are often have obesity and diabetes. Alcohol damage to the liver has also been confirmed by various studies, Drinking long increases the risk of liver cirrhosis and liver cancer. On the other hand, some studies have shown that proper drinking, especially drinking red wine, has a protective effect on cardiovascular. In this regard, it is recommended that adult men’s daily alcohol intake does not exceed 25 g and women do not exceed 15 g.

Keep insist

It will take a long time to be healthy so that we have to insist on exercise and diet.

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