In the beautiful summer, how can you avoid the embarrassment caused by indecent body hair? Is it easy to use electric hair removal device? When most netizens choose women’s hair remover, they will ask similar questions like “Electric hair removal device is easy to use” and so on. Let us know about the electric epilator.

Epilator common sense :

The shaver just shaves the body hair on the skin surface, generally,it can last 3 to 4 days. In order to have a relatively long-lasting effect, you have to use the epilator. The epilator is a clip-on electric device, it will remove the hair follicles together with the hair. The effect can generally maintain for 3 to 4 weeks, but with a slight pain.

There are two reasons for pain. One is the natural pain of the hair roots when you pulled the hair; the other is that the skin bulges when the skin is pulled with the hair to stimulate the pain caused by the periphery of the pores. The epilator is a practical, fast, long-lasting, easy to operate, easy to use the electronic tool.

Features of the epilator:

  • Most of the epilators on the market use the latest international popular rubber anti-slip technology, which makes the hand feelingbetter;
  • Epilators generally have two speeds to choose,it can adjust the hair removal speed suitable for sparse and thick hair;
  • Hair removal is more thorough than general shaving;
  • It can remove very short hairand remove hair roots as short as 0.25 mm. The effect lasts for a long time and the skin stays smooth for three weeks.


So, how do you choose an epilator in a market full of goods?

  • Brand

Recently, the rotary hair removal brands on the market are mainly divided into two categories: joint venture brands and imported brands. Of course, there are some low-end domestic small-scale products. I suggest you try to buy a joint venture brand. Because the products of the joint venture brand are almost the same as the imported brands in the design ideas and manufacturing processes. Under the same conditions, the price is lower, and the after-sales is more guaranteed. It is a cost-effective product.

  • Exterior

The appearance of the high-quality rotary hair remover should be made of fine craftsmanship, no scratches, damage, etc. In addition, you should also observe whether the shape of the rotary epilator is easy to grasp, with or without anti-slip design and waterproof ability. Finally, you should also pay attention to check whether the accessories of the rotary epilator are complete and intact.

  • Function

For ordinary users, in the choice of rotary epilator function, we should adhere to the principle of simple and practical: For example, you can purchase a rotary hair remover with foam hair removal, wet and dry, body wash and gear adjustment.

  • Tool head design

You had better choose epilator according to the design of the cutter head, the head design of lady shavers is good or not good, it can directly affect the effect of removing body hair. The good quality lady’s epilator uses a double-floating cutter head with a straight cutter head and a curved cutter head. The straight cutter head is suitable for flat hair growth parts such as thighs and lower legs, the curved head is used to remove hair from uneven skin such as underarms, perfect for skin. The cheap lady shaver has only a straight cutter head, and it is difficult to remove hair from uneven skin such as underarms.

  • Portable

Choose a portable hair remover: When we choose an epilator, you should be sure to choose a portable hair removal device. In this way, when we travel, we can easily carry it. In addition, the epilator must be waterproof, so that you can use it in the bathroom with confidence.

In addition, we should also pay attention:

  1. Is hair removal thoroughly:There are two factors that determine whether hair removal is thorough: first, whether the product design is scientific, and second, whether the main components are strong(For example, the blade, the poor one is not only shaved but also brings extra damage)
  2. Battery durability:High-quality epilator can be used several times on a single charge, however, the poor quality of the hair should be charged twice. What makes people feel awkward.
  3. Is the function waterproof?Water resistance is actually an important indicator. It does not mean that there will be a lot of water on the skin. The main purpose of the waterproof function is to facilitate cleaning.
  4. It is best to shave and pull:It is not recommended to use the extraction method for the thicker parts such as the ankle. It will hurt in the first place, and the second place is also a kind of injury to the skin. The thin body hairs such as the arms and legs can be removed. The extraction method can not only grow new hair for a long time, but also the new body hair will not get thicker and thicker.
  5. In addition to the basic hair removal function, more professional hair remover will relieve pain, vibration, massage,and other functions. It can not only make the hair removal process better but also help the skin care and maintenance.

Maintenance code:

  1. Always clean thepart of the cutter head, but take special attention not to damage the blade when you are cleaning cutter. You can use a brush to remove the shavings along the blade. Then spray the cleaning and disinfecting lubricant to keep the blade sharp.
  2. The knife head should be close to the skin to achieve the best effects.When you use the epilator, the angle between the tip and the skin is preferably maintained at ninety degrees. This allows the cutter head smoothly to access the skin for the best hair removal.
  3. The most common way to clean the tip is to rinse it with water.When rinsing with clean water, the body of the hair removal had better to not touch the water to avoid mechanical failure. If the product you are using is wet and dry, the base part of the epilator doesn’t touch the water to avoid damaging the motor.
  4. Please do not use an electric hair remover with insufficient power. Reluctant use will cause internal wear of the motor.

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