The importance of health is well known to the world. Just like the phrase which we have heard many times, “Health is like number 1, career, family, status, money is 0; with 1, the more 0 behind, the richer On the contrary, if there is no 1, nothing is there. The reason why this sentence is classic is that every time it is read, it can sound a warning call.

In today’s increasingly competitive social environment, people live in high pressure and fast pace, and most people are in a sub-health state. Health is the foundation of life and the foundation of happiness, but it is not a bargaining chip for wealth. In the front of money and status, if we sacrifice our own health, we would rather give up.

According to the World Health Organization, 7% of human health depends on climate and geographical conditions, 8% depends on medical conditions, 10% depends on social conditions, 15% depends on heredity, and 60% depends on individual lifestyle. A good lifestyle is the key to health. It requires not only nutrition and exercise for the health of the body, but also good self-cultivation and personality to bring about mental health.
Life is only one time. If you lose your health, people will lose all possibilities. While the company continues to provide quality health products to meet the needs of the society, it also actively promotes a healthy and healthy life to consumers, conveys a healthy concept, and evokes the core values ​​of the company with care, sharing, integrity, responsibility, quality and service. Many people attach importance to health.
1, the heart must be calm, the body must move. In the face of the heavy pressure of work and society, how can we be calm? The method is: use wisdom to deal with everything, instead of using emotions to deal with things; usually exercise more, sports can increase energy, energy can spread all body freely,the metabolism will be smooth. Although the residents of longevity Village may not meet the modern health standards, they have completely met the requirements of being calm and physically active.

  1. Don’t violate nature. For example, people often say that “Wearingmore clothes during spring and less in autumn, and all diseases are going”. This actually suggests that in the spring and morning, heat preservation is conducive to protecting and promoting the development of yang. Even clothes are required to be worn more properly. . In nature, if a plant violates the laws of nature, it must sprout in winter, and wait for it to die.
    Don’t force yourself. Tolerate others and not force yourself. Do not deliberately sleep for a long time; do not deliberately exercise at high intensity; usually can walk without taking the car… As for diet, it is mainly based on vegetarian diet, but it does not exclude meat. Breakfast and lunch are more abundant, dinner is relatively simple, and there is one night without eating a dinner in order to allow the stomach to rest properly.

4.Don’t expect anything from a doctor. Doctors are not omnipotent, and many cure cannot solve the underlying problems. It is a misunderstanding that many people give their health to doctors completely and do not pay attention to health care.

A good doctor (excellent doctor) is not a disease that cures the disease (the symptoms are obvious), but it can be found in the case of a disease, but it has not been diagnosed, and it is well treated.. When the disease is formed, it is treated. It is like thirsty to find water and drink. As a result, the well has not been beaten. If you want to fight, you will find that there are no weapons. Isn’t it late? Be sure to take precautions.

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