Healthy life

The importance of health is well known to the world. Just like the phrase which we have heard many times, “Health is like number 1, career, family, status, money is 0; with 1, the more 0 behind, the richer On the contrary, if there is no 1, nothing is there. The reason why this sentence

The health of eyes

Eyes are the window with that people can observe the world, but many people still don’t know how to keep their eyes healthily. According to the British “Daily Mail” report, scientists at University College London and Morfield Eye Hospital warned that people should pay more attention to eye hygiene, especially those who use contact lens. Researchers say the

How to live a healthy lifestyle

“Physical health is the greatest wealth in life. Self-cultivation is the most valuable work in life.” In modern society, the material conditions improves a lot, but the happiness of the people is still low. Not only that, but people with mental illness are increasing. Why is it? I think it is mostly related to people’s lifestyles. So how to

The way to be healthy

In life, if we can understand some common sense of health and implement them, it can extend life expectancy to a large extent, but people are often busy with work and neglect health care, and they suffer from it. Disease, regret, the following is a little knowledge of health and healthy life. 1.Two fruits per day

Good lifestyle

With the gradual enhancement of people’s health awareness, regular medical examinations and timely medical treatment have become a common consensus among the public. However, people have focused their health investment on the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases, and often forget how to avoid it.  Changes in lifestyle, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease are