How to develop good habits

Good living habits and lifestyles are the basic conditions for our healthy body, the basic guarantee for our energetic and passionate work, and the basic requirement for us to maintain our physical and mental health. We need our conscious, conscious, purposeful cultivation and long-lasting persistence to make it a natural habit in our lives.

A reasonable diet to develop healthy eating habits. As the saying goes: “People are iron rice is steel, and they don’t eat hungry and panic.” A healthy body comes from a reasonable and balanced diet and eating habits. We should arrange and match daily dietary catering according to the nutrient structure and content of the normal body and our own taste preferences, so that the nutrition is balanced and not picky eaters, not partial eclipse; the combination of glutinin, thickness and thickness; regular quantitative, less food and more meals; Chew slowly, eat regularly; eat well for breakfast, eat at lunch, eat less at dinner. Adhere to these concepts and gradually make them a physiological need and habit to ensure the health of the body. Reasonable diet health is that “there is no bad food, only unreasonable diet”, colorful food can not only meet our nutritional needs, but also enable us to enjoy food, enjoy health and enjoy a good life.

Regular work schedule. Everyone has their own “biological clock”, and develops a good work clock. Every morning, getting up early and getting up early, maintaining adequate, high-quality sleep is a prerequisite for the normal operation of the body. The fast pace of modern life, work and study makes us mentally stressed. It is difficult for us to work hard when we work overtime. These energy and physical overdrafts are taking away our sleep and rest time. However, any life activity has its inherent regularity. If people change their life rules for a long time, the rest time is reduced and the lack of sleep, the body’s biological clock will be disturbed, and the physiological functions of the human body will be disordered and lead to the nervous system. Dysfunction, disorders of hormone secretion in the body, basal metabolic disorders, immune dysfunction, etc., burnout and disease can take advantage of. Therefore, if we want to get a healthy body, and energetic and energetic, then we must make a reasonable and scientific arrangement of work and rest time, work and rest, relaxation and regularity.

Proper sports to form good exercise habits. “Life is in motion”, physical exercise is a very important part of healthy living habits. It is good for the body to do some aerobic exercise. Continuous and regular aerobic exercise can effectively mobilize the body’s vitality, enhance the body’s immune function, and accelerate the body’s metabolism, making people feel refreshed and happy. In daily life, we can choose to run, swim, climb, play basketball, play football, skip rope, climb rock, climb stairs and other aerobic exercises, turn exercise into a part of life, and take fitness as a kind of life enjoyment. In short, the good habits of developing a sport have many benefits. No matter what kind of sports and exercise we choose, as long as we persist in perseverance, let it become a basic habit like eating every day, we can bring ourselves both physical and mental. Pleasure and happiness.

Many people in modern cities may have developed many bad habits of sleeping late and not sleeping because of work stress. We will tell us that this is very harmful to our body. At night, we are at the stage of rest and detoxification of our body. We have been letting them run 24 hours a day, which will cause many diseases in our body, so we need to develop a good habit of going to bed early and getting up early.

Eating oyster mushrooms is good for your health

What many people don’t understand is that eating oyster mushrooms is good for the body.

The nutritional value of oyster mushrooms

Pleurotus ostreatus is an important source of niacin, pantothenic acid, iron, copper and potassium, and is rich in vitamin B6, fiber, riboflavin, and zinc. In addition, oyster mushrooms contain a large number of bioactive phytochemicals, including beta-glucan.

The β-glucan in Pleurotus ostreatus has the function of promoting the immune system and plays an important role in fat metabolism. It also shows that Pleurotus ostreatus has the effect of lowering blood cholesterol.

The efficacy and function of Pleurotus

1 lower cholesterol

Pleurotus ostreatus contains a variety of vitamins and minerals that can improve the body’s metabolism, enhance physical fitness, and regulate autonomic nerve function. Therefore, it can be used as a nutrient for weak patients, and it also has a certain effect on lowering blood cholesterol and preventing urethra stones.

2 longevity

Oyster mushroom is superior to animal and plant food. It is a famous mountain treasure of the palace cuisine. Nowadays, it is often eaten by people. It is both full of good fortune and good for health and longevity.

3 promote brain development

Pleurotus ostreatus has a unique role in promoting mental development and is important for the health of infants and the elderly.

Pleurotus ostreatus has the highest nutritional value

The most ideal way to eat oyster mushrooms is to make soup or stir-fry with a large fire so that the water-soluble nutrients can be eaten.

Or use olive oil to fry oyster mushrooms, leeks, sweet red peppers, and tofu, and serve them on rice to provide rich protein.

Foods that should be paired with oyster mushrooms

Pleura mushroom + tofu


1, tofu, oyster mushrooms, garlic washed, drained.

  1. Preheat the pan and pour the oil.

3, oil heat, cut the tofu into a small pot. Fry for a while, turn over and fry the other side.

4, fried on both sides, release the pumping, water, salt, and then put the mushroom.

5, the fire is boiled, the small fire for a while put the garlic, turn off the fire, put on the plate, go to the table.

Efficacy: increase the absorption of protein. Pleurotus ostreatus is sweet and warm. Regularly eating Pleurotus ostreatus can enhance the body’s immune function. Tofu is rich in nutrients and contains various trace elements such as iron, calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium, which are essential for replenishing heat and health food.

Oyster mushroom + broccoli


  1. Wash the broccoli and cut it properly; soak the oyster mushrooms with hot water, wash and squeeze the water. Put broccoli and mushrooms in boiling water at the same time and immediately remove them for use.

2, put the oil in the pot and heat it, then put it into the oyster mushroom, broccoli, salt, monosodium glutamate, and pepper powder, stir well, and serve in a pan.

Pleurotus ostreatus


  1. Wash the leek and cut into 2-3 cm sections, rinse with water and drain.
  2. Wash the oyster mushrooms and cut into filaments.

3, the pot is hot, pour the oil, put into the prawn and stir fry, then add the salt, the sugar continues to stir fry.

4, pour the leeks, quickly stir well and then out of the pot.

Efficacy: Amaranth can increase physical strength, promote gastrointestinal motility, the curative effect on appetite and the prevention of indigestion, in addition to detoxification. Pleurotus ostreatus has the functions of enhancing human immunity, lowering blood fat and inhibiting viruses, and is an ideal food for patients with cardiovascular diseases and obesity.

Oyster mushroom + winter melon


  1. Wash the ribs clean, put them in boiling water, remove the blood, remove the water, remove the water,

2, ginger washed and loose, winter melon cut thick slices, put water in the casserole, add ribs, ginger,

  1. After boiling with a large fire, use a small fire for 40 minutes. After the ribs are cooked, add the melon slices and the mushrooms.

4, after the winter melon and mushrooms are cooked, add salt, monosodium glutamate, sesame oil.

Efficacy: This product can clear heat and reduce sugar, make up the water. Suitable for summer soup as a soup.

Most mushrooms are nutritious, and eating is good for our bodies. Pleurotus is one of them. People who cook at home must remember it.




The effect of eating salt on health

Salt plays an important role in everyone’s life. But when I don’t know when, salt and sugar, fat together are classified as “bad elements.” In order to keep the body well, many people feel that they should eat lighter, and even some vegetables do not put salt. Long-term diets will definitely cause the loss of salt in the body.

Salt value

First familiar with salt, its main component is sodium chloride, in addition to iodine, potassium, calcium and other elements. Sodium chloride is a very important electrolyte in the body, which plays an important role in maintaining body fluid balance, mediating nerve conduction and participating in muscle contraction.

In addition, high-concentration salt also has an antiseptic effect, which is also the origin of preserved food. Why is such an important thing labeled as a “bad guy” label? Everything stems from the relationship between salt and blood pressure.

Salt and blood pressure

Salt can affect the water metabolism of the kidney, sodium ions can inhibit water excretion, thus having a water retention effect, and an increase in blood volume naturally increases blood pressure.

In addition, sodium ions can also affect the function of vascular endothelial cells, leading to an increase in blood pressure by triggering vascular stenosis. The normal physiological function of sodium ions is harmful to health due to long-term high sodium. The most important factor is that the effect of sodium-ion-induced hypertension is less affected by normal people, but it is more harmful to patients with hypertension.

The danger of sodium ion is that it can aggravate the severity of complications such as heart disease and stroke caused by high blood pressure. Therefore, it is reasonable to promote salt restriction.

We may be excessively demonized by salt. It is involved in the formation of blood pressure. Of course, it is considered that salt is healthy, even to the point of salt color change.

What if you eat too little salt?

(1) Osteoporosis

Some salt is needed in human blood. Then, if the daily intake of salt is not enough, it can only be taken from the bones, which will greatly increase the possibility of osteoporosis.

(2) general malaise, neurasthenia

If there is a salt deficiency, the sodium ions in the body will be insufficient, and there may be symptoms of limb weakness, lack of strength, and neurasthenia. In severe cases, it may also have a rapid heartbeat, muscle spasm, reduced reflexes, and even dizziness!

(3) Increased risk of cancer

One of the important roles of salt is to maintain a pH balance in the body. However, if the salt intake is insufficient, the acidity in some cells will be too high, which may damage the structure of DNA and increase the risk of cancer.

PS: It is generally recommended that no more than 6 grams of salt per day are good for health.

Healthy life

The importance of health is well known to the world. Just like the phrase which we have heard many times, “Health is like number 1, career, family, status, money is 0; with 1, the more 0 behind, the richer On the contrary, if there is no 1, nothing is there. The reason why this sentence is classic is that every time it is read, it can sound a warning call.

In today’s increasingly competitive social environment, people live in high pressure and fast pace, and most people are in a sub-health state. Health is the foundation of life and the foundation of happiness, but it is not a bargaining chip for wealth. In the front of money and status, if we sacrifice our own health, we would rather give up.

According to the World Health Organization, 7% of human health depends on climate and geographical conditions, 8% depends on medical conditions, 10% depends on social conditions, 15% depends on heredity, and 60% depends on individual lifestyle. A good lifestyle is the key to health. It requires not only nutrition and exercise for the health of the body, but also good self-cultivation and personality to bring about mental health.
Life is only one time. If you lose your health, people will lose all possibilities. While the company continues to provide quality health products to meet the needs of the society, it also actively promotes a healthy and healthy life to consumers, conveys a healthy concept, and evokes the core values ​​of the company with care, sharing, integrity, responsibility, quality and service. Many people attach importance to health.
1, the heart must be calm, the body must move. In the face of the heavy pressure of work and society, how can we be calm? The method is: use wisdom to deal with everything, instead of using emotions to deal with things; usually exercise more, sports can increase energy, energy can spread all body freely,the metabolism will be smooth. Although the residents of longevity Village may not meet the modern health standards, they have completely met the requirements of being calm and physically active.

  1. Don’t violate nature. For example, people often say that “Wearingmore clothes during spring and less in autumn, and all diseases are going”. This actually suggests that in the spring and morning, heat preservation is conducive to protecting and promoting the development of yang. Even clothes are required to be worn more properly. . In nature, if a plant violates the laws of nature, it must sprout in winter, and wait for it to die.
    Don’t force yourself. Tolerate others and not force yourself. Do not deliberately sleep for a long time; do not deliberately exercise at high intensity; usually can walk without taking the car… As for diet, it is mainly based on vegetarian diet, but it does not exclude meat. Breakfast and lunch are more abundant, dinner is relatively simple, and there is one night without eating a dinner in order to allow the stomach to rest properly.

4.Don’t expect anything from a doctor. Doctors are not omnipotent, and many cure cannot solve the underlying problems. It is a misunderstanding that many people give their health to doctors completely and do not pay attention to health care.

A good doctor (excellent doctor) is not a disease that cures the disease (the symptoms are obvious), but it can be found in the case of a disease, but it has not been diagnosed, and it is well treated.. When the disease is formed, it is treated. It is like thirsty to find water and drink. As a result, the well has not been beaten. If you want to fight, you will find that there are no weapons. Isn’t it late? Be sure to take precautions.

The health of eyes

Eyes are the window with that people can observe the world, but many people still don’t know how to keep their eyes healthily. According to the British “Daily Mail” report, scientists at University College London and Morfield Eye Hospital warned that people should pay more attention to eye hygiene, especially those who use contact lens.
Researchers say the number of people suffering from eye diseases has tripled since 2011, and these diseases can cause blindness. It is understood that people wearing contact lenses are more susceptible with the disease of Acanthamoeba keratitis. Contact lens are exposed to unclean water and then contact with the eyes, which can easily cause eye infection.

The researchers found that people who did not wash their hands before wearing contact lens and who did not use contact lens syrup had a two-fold higher risk of contracting Acanthamoeba keratitis than others. In addition, wearing contact lens while taking a bath also increases the probability of illness.
The new study shows that eye health is not determined by luck, and people should do a lot to protect their eyes and vision. Such as:

Swim every day
Swimming is a great benefit to the body’s cardiovascular system, but if you don’t wear a goggle while swimming, your eyes may be damaged, especially when you open eyes with contact lens under the water. O’ Brien said that water in all types of waters can cause bacterial infections in the eyes. “Wearing contact lens makes eyes infection, and bacteria attached to the surface of the glasses can cause redness.”
Therefore, if you want to wear glasses under water, it is best to use disposable contact lenses and goggles, or spend money with a special goggles for myopia.
Dont use expired mascara
Many people use mascara, but mascara condenses into pieces after three or four months usually, and people aren’t willing to buy new ones because mascara is too expensive.
It is told that mascara may contain bacteria. The use of expired mascara may cause redness, infection, and even rare diseases and even blindness, while unopened cosmetics can generally remain unchanged for several years.

In addition, eye makeup such as eyeliner may also cause eye infections. Experts recommend that you can cut the pen before using the eyeliner to prevent bacteria from being transferred from the pen to the eye. Experts also said that the use of inferior, unhygienic false eyelashes will increase the risk of eye infections, so it is important to choose a reputable make-up artist during makeup.
Do eye examination
O’Brien said that eye health tests can detect health problems such as diabetes, glaucoma and high blood pressure, which can have serious effects on eye health and even blindness. Even arthritis, a disease that seems to have nothing to do with the eye, can be detected by eye examinations. If not treated promptly, arthritis can also affect the health of eyes.
In general, an ordinary person should have an eye examination twice a year. If the eye itself has a disease or is older than 70 years old, a physical examination should be performed every 12 months.
In addition, children under the age of 16 are experiencing rapid changes in vision at this age, so an eye examination should be performed each year.
Dont always look at the phone
Research at the University of Toledo has shown that cell phone, computer or television can always cause danger to eye health. The blue light emitted by these electronic screens is received by the visual cells in the retina and punishes the toxic chemicals, eventually killing the photoreceptor cells in the eye. The longer the staring at the screen, the more fragile the eye is.

Researchers say people shouldn’t use a cell phone or tablet in the dark, and using these electronic devices in the dark can spread the pupils and make the eyes danger. Experts recommend wearing contact lens with anti-glare coatings or adding a Blu-ray filter to the screen when using devices such as mobile phones.

 Dont smoke much
People know that smoking is harmful to health, but few people can notice that smoking can also cause damage to the eyes. O’Brien said that smoking increases the risk of cataracts and age-related macular degeneration, and macular degeneration is one of the main causes of vision loss.
Dont forget to wear sunglasses
People may think that winter is coming, the sunshine time is getting softer. and there is no need to wear sunglasses when going out. But O’Brien said that ultraviolet light still affects the eyes in winter. “In general, ultraviolet light is stronger in summer, but 80% of UV radiation can still pass through the clouds to the ground, which means that even on cloudy days, ultraviolet rays can cause danger to the eyes.”
What’s more, it is also a misunderstanding that black lenses can protect the eyes from UV damage. O’Brien said that the color of the sunglasses has no effect on the UV protection. Unless the sunglasses provide good UV shielding, the color of the lens will only spread the pupil and cause the eyeball to absorb more UV rays.
O’Brien suggested that when buying sunglasses, you can see if the glasses have the CE mark (the EU’s UV protection standard). Such sunglasses can prevent 95% of the UV rays from being absorbed by the eyes.

Besides,the eye is more sensitive to ultraviolet light than the skin, and prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light can also cause eye diseases such as cataracts and macular degeneration.

Dont use fan too much

Using a fan all night can also cause irritation to the eyes and dry up the eyes. When people sleep, the fan will blow allergens such as dust or pollen to the eyes, so the eyes may be stimulated and feel uncomfortable when wearing contact lens the next morning.
To avoid eye irritation, the bedroom should be cleaned thoroughly. the fan blades cleaned, and the contact lens is often used to clean the stains on the lens. In addition, you can set the timing of the fan to avoid eye irritation after falling asleep.
Dont use more eye drops
Moderate use of eye drops can protect the eyes, but excessive use of it can be counterproductive. O’Brien said that after the medicine effect in the eye drops subsides, the blood pressure in the eyeball will rise and the eye will still “bounce” into red eyes.

How to live a healthy lifestyle

Physical health is the greatest wealth in life. Self-cultivation is the most valuable work in life.” In modern society, the material conditions improves a lot, but the happiness of the people is still low. Not only that, but people with mental illness are increasing. Why is it? I think it is mostly related to people’s lifestyles. So how to form a good lifestyle?

With the development of science and technology and the prosperity of business, we had a rich but chaotic life. We face countless choices every day and endure all kinds of temptations, so most people live in a kind of incitement and chaos and cannot control themselves. Some people are actually too busy to rest. They are busy with work, busy with their families, and busy with entertainment. It is impossible to calm down. Moreover, this lifestyle is mostly based on physical and mental health. The price is so heavy that it is often overwhelmed when we find out.
This way of life not only confuses our mind and body, but also destroys the ecological environment. We talk about environmental protection today, not just planting a few trees or doing a publicity to solve the problem.

Although we are talking about environmental protection,we still live a life with physical and mental exhaustion and environmental degradation. Speaking of this, I am thinking of the Buddhist commandments. Why does practice begin with a precept? It is to help us build a healthy and beneficial lifestyle, so that we can have a peace mind, and then we can improve the wisdom further. Practice is like this, and life is the same. With a healthy lifestyle, you will have a healthy body and mind that will not cause too much damage to the environment.
Vegetarian is a healthy lifestyle. In China, people have misunderstandings and prejudice against vegetarianism. They always think that vegetarianism can lead to malnutrition, or that vegetarianism is a helpless choice. In fact, various studies in modern times have shown that vegetarian diet is far more suitable for human beings than human meat,  regardless of the physiological structure of the human body or the nutrients of fruits and vegetables.

From an environmental point of view, vegetarianism is also the best choice to save the environment. Many studies have shown that the large-scale development of the aquaculture industry is the biggest cause of climate warming. 20% of the global greenhouse gas emissions are from aquaculture, which exceeds the emissions of all vehicles in the world. At the same time, the aquaculture industry also consumes a lot of land and water resources. Check out the relevant data, I believe everyone will be shocked. If we don’t change it, we will suffer a lot after.
Therefore, vegetarianism not only contributes to the health of one’s body and mind, but also contributes to global environmental protection. It is a civilized, healthy and fashionable lifestyle. In fact, this lifestyle is becoming a rational choice for more people right now.

Choose reasonable snacks and drinks

Snacks and drinks should be reasonably selected. Fruits and vegetables, nuts, etc., which can not only supple the intake of nutrients in the daily diet, but also increase the excessive energy intake. Studies have shown that eating a small amount of nuts a week helps to protect heart, but excessive consumption may increase energy intake, which in turn leads to obesity. Maintaining a nut intake of 50 g per week is more reasonable.

High sugar content and carbonated beverages can increase energy intake and harm oral hygiene. Excessive drinking also increases energy intake, providing 29 kJ of energy per gram of alcohol. When the body consumes enough energy through the diet, the energy produced by alcohol metabolism is stored in the form of fat. Therefore, people who drink too much alcohol for a long time are often have obesity and diabetes. Alcohol damage to the liver has also been confirmed by various studies, Drinking long increases the risk of liver cirrhosis and liver cancer. On the other hand, some studies have shown that proper drinking, especially drinking red wine, has a protective effect on cardiovascular. In this regard, it is recommended that adult men’s daily alcohol intake does not exceed 25 g and women do not exceed 15 g.

Keep insist

It will take a long time to be healthy so that we have to insist on exercise and diet.

The way to be healthy

In life, if we can understand some common sense of health and implement them, it can extend life expectancy to a large extent, but people are often busy with work and neglect health care, and they suffer from it. Disease, regret, the following is a little knowledge of health and healthy life.

1.Two fruits per day

2.Three spoonfuls of clear oil per day, no more than 25 grams

3.Five kinds of high-quality high-protein, meat, egg, milk, fish and beans every day, but there are regulations.

1. Have breakfast

There is a saying that eat well in the morning, eat at noon, eat less at night. The people are now the opposite. In the morning, they are sloppy, they deal with it at noon, and they eat and drink at night. This is the root of all diseases. This meal in the morning is equal to eating tonic. It is the most important meal. You must have a nutritious breakfast. A nutritious breakfast must have four things: cereals, soy milk, eggs or meat. The staple food must have vegetables and fruit. If there are only two or less breakfasts, it is a low quality breakfast. Now 20% of people don’t eat breakfast, 50%-60% don’t eat breakfast. if breakfast is not good, and it can’t be regained at noon or evening.

2, stop smoking and alcohol

Smoking can significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, cancer and other diseases. The prognosis of long-term large-volume cardiovascular patients is worse than that of non-smokers. For smokers, smoking can regulate mood and calm mood, but a lot of facts prove that the total harm of smoking on the human body is far greater than the psychological comfort of smokers. Therefore, quitting smoking is a necessary thing which is not only a correction of living habits, but also a self-adjustment of psychological behavior.

Take the following measures to help stop smoking:

1.With family or co-workers supervise, write down a letter of determination, develop a smoking cessation plan, carry it with you, remind and tell yourself at any time.

2.Lose tobacco, ashtrays, lighters, avoid “conditional” smoking, and try to avoid smoking in smoking places or dinner parties.

3.Remind yourself at any time to resist the temptation of smoking, refuse to smoke from the psychological and behavioral, and consolidate the results of smoking cessation, otherwise it will be abandoned.

4.When you want to smoke. You canread, watch TV, or take a deep breath, distract,or eat nutty food, sugar-free chewing gum, etc.

5.Tell family and friends about yourdecision to quit, and get their support, encouragement and cooperation.

6.Do more of your favorite sports activities, relieve physical stress and nervousness.

7.If you have a stubborn craving, please use the smoking cessation clinic to quit smoking through drugs or acupuncture.

Drinking less alcohol

Although some clinical studies have confirmed that a small amount of alcohol can reduce the incidence of coronary heart disease,some people may experience dizziness even with a small amount of alcohol. Heart palpitations, increased heart rate, elevated blood pressure, etc. are not good for the cardiovascular system, so do not advocate daily drinking to prevent cardiovascular disease, especially patients with hypertension. Because drinking alcohol makes blood pressure difficult to control, it also has an antagonistic effect on drugs. For those who like to drink alcohol and have good alcohol tolerance, it is recommended to drink a small amount of wine daily, which may be beneficial to the cardiovascular system. The calculation method of alcohol is roughly as follows: the alcohol content of wine is about 13%~15%; the alcohol content of beer is 4%. It is recommended that the male friend’s alcohol content should not exceed 25g, that is, the wine is in the range of 100~150ml, the beer is 250~500ml, and the female friend drinks half of the amount.

3.Try not to be angry

How can people not be angry? People are emotional animals, and they are filled with anger and sorrow. When you are happy, you will laugh. If you are not happy, you will cry. If you are angry, you have to say a few words. This is a manifestation of people’s rich feelings. If a person has only one kind of feeling, he is not healthy. It says”Angers hurt the liver, hurt the kidneys, all diseases are born in the air.” So be sure to control your emotions. Don’t let emotions control you.

You must know these common senses and implement them into your own life. As long as you do, it will be much easier to stay healthy and extend your life.

Good lifestyle

With the gradual enhancement of people’s health awareness, regular medical examinations and timely medical treatment have become a common consensus among the public. However, people have focused their health investment on the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases, and often forget how to avoid it.  Changes in lifestyle, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease are chronic cardiovascular diseases that are still not cured, and they require long-term or even life-long medication, which can be prevented through a healthy lifestyle. Practice has proved that appropriate lifestyle changes can safely and effectively delay or prevent the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases, and reduce the sudden occurrence of cardiovascular adverse events, such as myocardial infarction, stroke, sudden death. In 2013, the American College of Cardiology and the Heart Association developed a lifestyle management guide to re-evaluate and popularize the modern concept of healthy lifestyles. It means its important for people to prevent it.The following is a detailed explanation of the relevant aspects of a healthy lifestyle:



1.Maintain standard weight:

Whether it is a standard weight or not, it can be measured by the body mass index. Calculation formula: body mass index (BMI) = weight (kg) and height 2 (m 2) to calculate. Adult normal weight: 18.5 ≤ body mass index (BMI) < 24.0; overweight: 24.0 ≤ body mass index (BMI) < 28.0; obesity: body mass index ≥ 28.0.
Simple calculation formula for standard weight: standard weight = height (cm) -105.
Maintain standard body type: overweight or obesity indicates that the body fat content (body fat) exceeds the standard, which will cause uneven distribution of body fat, resulting in body shape deformation. Excessive accumulation of fat in the upper body or abdomen is called central obesity, also known as abdominal obesity,excessive accumulation of fat in the lower body, buttocks or limbs is called peripheral obesity, also known as subcutaneous fat obesity or pear-shaped obesity. In general, abdominal obesity has a high incidence of cardiovascular disease.



Generally, the type of obesity is judged according to the waist circumference and waist-to-hip ratio: central type obesity: adult male waist circumference > 90 cm, waist-to-hip ratio > 0.9; adult female waist circumference > 85 cm, waist-to-hip ratio > 0.85.
No matter what method is used to lose weight, the fundamental measure is that the total calorie intake is less than the total calories needed, that is, “negative balance”. Try to eat low-calorie foods, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, egg-milk, etc. Under the necessary energy demand conditions, regular aerobic exercise to decompose excess fat consumption, reduce fat storage, and thus achieve the purpose of weight loss, this is the secret of weight loss.

2, moderate exercise

Long-term exercise can maintain normal weight, consume excess calories and prevent fat accumulation. Moderate-intensity sports are safer and more effective, and methods for assessing moderate exercise intensity:
1. Self-feeling: The sports center jumps faster, sweats slightly, and feels a little tired.
2. Objective performance: speed of breathing during exercise, slight asthma, can talk to people, but can not sing.
3. Walking speed: about 120 steps per minute.
4. Heart rate during exercise = 170-age.
5. After 10 minutes of rest after exercise, the heart rate is fast, the breathing is relieved obviously, and the heart rate is close to normal.


Other forms of exercise: exercise with exercise equipment, can push, pull, squat, lift, press and other actions, enhance muscle strength, increase the body’s balance ability, prevent falls, improve high blood sugar; avoid suffocating action and even breathing when practicing.

Its good to do exercise in the afternoon or evening; early morning is a high incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accidents.

3, a good attitude

There is growing evidence that tension, anxiety, irritability, psychological imbalances, and poor interpersonal relationships are important causes of cardiovascular disease. You can alleviate your stress by:
1. Avoid bad feelings and maintain an optimistic and positive attitude;
2. Treat yourself correctly, be patient with others, build a harmonious family, and handle the relationship between colleagues;
3. Correctly handle difficulties and setbacks and enhance psychological endurance;
4. Explore and find ways to self-regulate negative emotions, talk to friends and family and seek help;
5. Psychological counseling is a scientific method to reduce psychological stress when it can’t be relieved by yourselves,
6. In case of serious morbid psychology, it should be treated promptly to prevent vicious circle



4, high quality sleep

Sleep is the best time for the cardiovascular system to reduce the workload, the body’s various organs, and the neuro-hormone regulation system to reserve energy. Good sleep is the best way to maintain health. More and more clinical trials and observations show that obstructive sleep apnea syndrome is closely related to hypertension, pulmonary hypertension, myocardial infarction, stroke, coronary heart disease, arrhythmia, metabolic syndrome, sudden cardiac death, etc. Partially refractory hypertension, unstable angina, and poor control of atherosclerotic encephalopathy are all related to sleep apnea and hypoxia, so pay attention to sleep, correction of snoring, treatment of sleep apnea syndrome is another prevention of cardiovascular disease.

Healthy living begins with a healthy diet

Some people usually do not eat breakfast, only eat lunch, eat big dinner, love to drink iced drinks, love to eat pickled food, they sit and do little exercise every day, they feel stress when they come nervous. Nowadays, our life is getting better and better, but our spleen and stomach are getting worse and worse, and the reason why is not known. It is caused by improper diet. So we can see that many diseases are harmful about the spleen and stomach.

Here are the following
1. Frozen staple food purchased by the supermarket.
Frozen staple foods such as frozen dumplings contain too much fat, salt and calories, and excessive or regular consumption is harmful to health.

Reduce the intake of trans fatty acids: trans fatty acids are prone to dyslipidemia, obesity, excessive intake is harmful to humans, and foods containing trans fatty acids are: margarine, western pastry, chocolate pie, coffee mate, fast food, etc.
2, sugar-free food.
Sugar-free foods such as sugar-free cola and non-confectionery contain artificial sweeteners. Although these sweeteners reduce calories, they can stimulate appetite, increase people’s desire for sugar, and may increase the risk of certain cancers.
3. Carbonated drinks.
Carbonated drinks have high heat, high sugar and low nutrition. Drinking  a lot can lead to gain weight and increase the risk of diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. A number of studies have found that artificial sweeteners added to beverages are associated with a variety of cancers.
4. Processed meat.
Studies have found that excessive intake of processed meat such as hot dogs and sausages increases the risk of pancreatic cancer and diabetes. In addition, eating too much meat can increase the risk of bowel cancer.
When it comes to the four foods that hurt the spleen and stomach, you should also know how to protect our spleen and stomach better. To prevent spleen and stomach diseases, the key is to protect the normal function of the spleen and stomach. Therefore, you should always pay attention to the maintenance of it, then how to maintain it?

Take a look!

First, a healthy diet is the key to maintaining the spleen and stomach.
The diet should be regular, three meals regularly, quantitative, not overeating. Always eat vegetables and fruits to meet the needs of the body and keep the stool smooth. Eat less foods which are irritating and difficult to digest such as hot and sour, fried, hard and sticky foods, and eat cold foods as little as possible.
Second, we must do appropriate sports activities.
Appropriate physical exercise can increase the gastrointestinal function of the human body, increase the gastrointestinal motility, increase the secretion of digestive juice, promote the digestion of food and the absorption of nutrients, and delay the aging of the digestive system.
Third, emotional factors have a great impact on appetite, digestion, and absorption.
Therefore, to maintain the spleen and stomach, we must have a good mood first. According to research, bad mood may lead to decreased appetite, abdominal fullness, heating, indigestion, etc. Good mood is beneficial to the normal activities of the gastrointestinal system.

healthy eating tips
How to eat and eat is equally important. The following 5 dietary tips can be used as a healthy diet guide to help you make the most effective use of the food you eat.
1.How much should we eat
The study found that the human brain works most efficiently on an empty stomach. The researchers found that the human body produces hunger when it is fasting. Hunger is a hormone that transmits information about stomach hunger to the brain. Interestingly, this hormone seems to have other functions. Hunger can stimulate and improve the performance of the hippocampus. The hippocampus is part of the brain’s learning, memory, and spatial analysis that keeps us alert, active, and focused. This does not imply that we should not eat, but let us be conscious of how much we eat.

2.Eat the right food at the right time
Eating different foods in different seasons can help the body adapt to climate change.
For example, in December, some foods can produce calories in the body, such as sesame and wheat. In the winter, people who are not commonly used in skin creams often crack because of the cold weather. Therefore, people eat sesame every day. Sesame keeps your body warm and your skin clean. The body is full of heat and the skin will not crack.

3.balanced diet
Eat more vegetables, lentils, beans and a variety of cereals.
It is very important to eat more grains in your daily diet. Traditionally, people often eat a lot of mung beans, beans and a variety of cereals. But it has been reversed, because if one consumes too much carbohydrate and too little other substances, his long-term health will be seriously affected.